Great article from a blogging friend. Thanks Tangie for a wonderful post.


  1. My son has recently expressed his fear to me that he is like Thomas in the Bible. He was saying that his generation( he’s 24) were known for questioning things. So based on many his age leaving the beliefs of their parents then it may now be cultural to doubt government, parents, teachers, and even their faith. He has grown stronger as a Christian by questioning and getting answers by himself. So to answer your post question I didn’t know exactly what to say to his concerns but I told him that God knows our personalities and situations. My son has an analytical mind and he has questioned things since he could talk. I have a trusting and even gullible nature. God loves us both and knows us. He loves that my son comes to the right place even after doubting. I only know Jesus forgave Thomas for doubting so He knows and forgives us when we repent and are sorry for our lack of faith. So after thinking on this I think yes it is a sin but like all our sins it can be covered by the blood of Jesus if we ask.

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