Meditation Mondays – Heroes of Faith – Shiprah and Puah

Today's study is a powerful example of faith. In Exodus 1:8-12, we can read about Shiphrah and Puah. Because these two ladies feared God they exhibited incredible bravery and defied the Egyptian king. You can read more thoughts about the faith of Shiprah and Puah included in my Women of Faith series. 'Now there arose … Continue reading Meditation Mondays – Heroes of Faith – Shiprah and Puah

Meditation Mondays – Heroes of Faith – King Josiah

As I continue the Heroes of Faith, today’s study discusses King Josiah. We can read about King Josiah in 2 Kings 22-23 and 2 Chronicles 34-35. For this study, I reference passages from 2 Kings. King Josiah followed the 2 year reign on his father, King Amon. Amon was described as doing evil in the … Continue reading Meditation Mondays – Heroes of Faith – King Josiah

Meditations Monday – Heroes of Faith – Enoch

For the next few weeks of Meditation Mondays, I plan to share passages about different bible characters that are known for the faith. The study will cover some of my favorite bible characters as well as learn about some less known characters. I hope you will enjoying reading about some Heroes of Faith and hopefully … Continue reading Meditations Monday – Heroes of Faith – Enoch

Meditation Mondays – Virtuous & Praiseworthy

With all that's going on, thinking about good things is not so easy right now. The other day my friend, Laura shared with me her practice of focusing on praiseworthy things. As I listened to her, I couldn't really think of an example of how I focus on the praiseworthy things. Honestly, aside from including … Continue reading Meditation Mondays – Virtuous & Praiseworthy

Meditation Mondays – Armor of God

Sorry the post is a day late. With the continuation of the COVID-19 ordeal and our lives temporarily turned upside down, sometimes the day is just hard. As much as I try to keep my spirits up, the struggle of anxiety/depression rears its ugly head. So folks, I've been fighting with not letting myself get … Continue reading Meditation Mondays – Armor of God

Meditation Mondays – Procrastination

One of the goals I set for myself and my blog is to write a post every Monday. Since I've yet to start working toward this goal, I told myself last week I would write something for my Meditation Mondays series. Now it's Monday and I've not got anything to post. Let me start by … Continue reading Meditation Mondays – Procrastination