Roots and Wings

This past weekend my husband and I helped our son, Colton packed up his bed, computer, and his few remaining boxes to move them across town to the house he will be calling his home during his college years. Now I know this move may seem pretty insignificant to many people but for me it's … Continue reading Roots and Wings

One Year of Blogging – Where do I go from here?

Today marks one year of blogging for me. I created My Nichols Worth blog not really knowing what I was doing. It has been an interesting year and I have been blessed so much from the year of blogging. The beginning of this month I wrote "Reflections on a Year of Blogging" that discusses my … Continue reading One Year of Blogging – Where do I go from here?

Faith Over Fear

As we enter a new week amid a worldwide pandemic, the spread of COVID-19 seems to be creating a sense of fear for many people. The daily reminders of the what the virus is doing to our world causes concern and worrying for the population. It's very difficult not the get consumed with the worry … Continue reading Faith Over Fear

When It Hits Your Hometown

I've been hesitant all day to post this article. It has taken me a week to get the courage to sit down at my computer and write about this event. I pray that my words do no harm, but instead offer healing and comfort to any others that are hurting. Thank you and God Bless. … Continue reading When It Hits Your Hometown

Reflections on a Year of Blogging

It's hard to believe we are now in the 3rd month of 2020. What I find even more surprising is that March 24th marks one year for My Nichols Worth blog! This year of writing my blog has been a bigger blessing than I ever thought. When I started the blog, I really didn't know … Continue reading Reflections on a Year of Blogging

Improving My Prayer Life

Recently a friend asked me about my blogging and how it was going because she had not seen as many blog posts from me. The question surprised me because I have been extremely busy with writing and posting, but then it registered with me that I'm posting on my Instagram page, working on my scripture … Continue reading Improving My Prayer Life

Word of 2020

With the beginning of the new year always comes the New Year's resolution. It has been several years since I've made a resolution. This year at my family's New Year's Eve celebration, my nephew's wife, Lexie (my niece) explained about how she chose a word for the year rather than a resolution. This was my … Continue reading Word of 2020

A Lesson from the Book of Luke – Featured Post by Molly Risley

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season has definitely taken its toll on me and my blogging. As I ended the month of daily writing in November, I had every intention of building a routine of writing something for each of my blogs weekly. Well, that's been a big fail. As usual, life got … Continue reading A Lesson from the Book of Luke – Featured Post by Molly Risley

Thankful Thursdays

During the month of November I wrote a post about something that I was thankful for each day. Doing the 30 Days of Thanks was such a blessing to me. It helped me to be mindful of the many blessings that I have and to have a better attitude in my daily life. As much … Continue reading Thankful Thursdays

30 Days of Thanks – Day 30

It's hard to believe this 30 days of thanks has come to an end. For the past month, I have shared about several things that I give thanks for. When I think about all my blessings, 30 days is not even close to enough time to talk about all my blessings. God has blessed me … Continue reading 30 Days of Thanks – Day 30