Faith Over Fear

As we enter a new week amid a worldwide pandemic, the spread of COVID-19 seems to be creating a sense of fear for many people. The daily reminders of the what the virus is doing to our world causes concern and worrying for the population. It's very difficult not the get consumed with the worry … Continue reading Faith Over Fear

Preventing Burnout

Lately my thoughts have been consumed with several things I've got going on. A couple of days ago I started to feel overwhelmed. In my past, I would ignore this overwhelmed feeling and keep pushing myself while adding more to my plate. But this time, I stopped. I grabbed a notebook and made a list … Continue reading Preventing Burnout

It Ain’t Mine to Fix

Fixing things. Does anyone else deal with wanting to fix things for others, solve their problems, or help them feel better? Well, I will confess I am bad to do this, and it can be a real problem for me. I can get preoccupied with wanting to help someone else feel better or solve a … Continue reading It Ain’t Mine to Fix

Be Still or You Might Just Be Stopped

I recently attended a wonderful Ladies event at a local congregation. The theme was ‘Be Still’. I'm thankful I took the time to attend the Friday and Saturday sessions. The topic is one that I needed to a reminder of. As most women, I struggle with slowing down and not over scheduling myself and my … Continue reading Be Still or You Might Just Be Stopped