Roots and Wings

This past weekend my husband and I helped our son, Colton packed up his bed, computer, and his few remaining boxes to move them across town to the house he will be calling his home during his college years. Now I know this move may seem pretty insignificant to many people but for me it's … Continue reading Roots and Wings

30 Days of Thanks – Day 21

I have many people in my life that are there for me, love me, and support me. Many of those people I am fortunate to call family. I'm very grateful for the blessing of not just a large family but a close family. In my life, I know that I have people that will be … Continue reading 30 Days of Thanks – Day 21

30 Days of Thanks – Day 13

My days have been pretty busy lately. My son, Colton plays basketball and the season started, so several evenings a week I'm sitting in gym watching a game. Since this is Colton's senior year, I'm enjoying and appreciating all the moments of his last year of high school. Over the next few months, Colton will … Continue reading 30 Days of Thanks – Day 13

30 Days of Thanks – Day 8

In January 2019 we celebrated the marriage of my daughter, Cecily, to her husband, Parker. When she married, my husband and I were very happy with her choice in Parker and we were excited for the two of them to begin their life together. I can still remember watching them leave the church house and … Continue reading 30 Days of Thanks – Day 8